Bone Inlay TV Unit

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Duke Media Cabinet

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Chestnut TV Stand

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Make your living room brim with style with an Art Deco TV unit

Art deco is a very specific and unique style. It’s a way of embracing and bringing back the glamorous style of the 20s and 30s and showcasing the dazzling patterns and motifs of this timeless era.

Geometry, linearity and occurring motifs are essential to a beautiful art deco TV unit. A stark contrast to the modern minimalist design, it’s a bold and elegant look that makes use of symmetrical motifs and patterns and exuberant shapes, for a look that pays tribute to the technological progress of the past early century.

As functional as they are fashionable, you can be sure our art deco TV cabinets offer a perfect place to set your TV, with a sleek surface and plenty of storage. With closed compartments, drawers and stylish doors, you’ll be able to keep your devices and accessories hidden and organised, letting the tidy look of your art deco media console shine.

Even as a strong and bold piece, our art deco TV stands offer a playful style that can still be combined with other styles. It can ideally pair with a modern bookcase or a rustic desk, instantly adding visual interest and giving your living room a unique and eye-catching look.

Our art deco TV units will make your home shine with rich, striking colours. Deep blues, reds, greens, or cream, with a touch of gold, your art deco TV cabinet immediately stands out. Made with beautiful and era-iconic material, such as stainless steel and brass, and sleek and sturdy wood, our art deco TV units are the perfect way to transform your living room or your home office into a space brimming with style.

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