Only N.4 Bookcase

£348.99 £319.00

Naty Corner Bookcase

£166.99 £128.73

Lucky Corner Bookcase

£159.99 £129.86

The corner bookshelf, functional and stylish

When you’re short of room in your home, you need to find the right furniture that will store your favourite items as well as maximise your space. The corner bookcase is the perfect solution, combining style and functionality.

Neatly tucked in every angle of your home, our corner bookcases allow you to save on floor room and take advantage of your limited space. Coming in different sizes, all our corner book shelves offer plenty of space to organise your living room or bedroom and display your photos, travel souvenirs or any cherished items. Set in your bedroom, a small bookcase organises your library and makes your favourite books always accessible. In your living room or home office, a tall one creates an original hang out space that fits your modern style, always complementing your design choices. You can even add some elegant symmetry with two corner bookcase units.

Because your home is unique, we provide you with a selection of colours that guarantee that you’ll find the right palette to match your décor. Add brightness to your living room with a white corner bookcase, add cosy and warm tones with an oak one, or keep your style sober with a black corner bookcase.

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