Gravity Desk

£306.99 £269.00

Maze Desk

£222.99 £209.00

Papa Desk

£222.99 £185.17

Storex Desk

£222.99 £190.97

Shelfy Desk

£222.99 £185.20

Compact Wall Desk

£180.99 £151.79

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Mccoll Desk

£329.00 £306.24

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OGG 3 Drawer Desk

£346.80 £304.00

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MOZART Home Office Desk

£279.00 £184.00

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When working, organisation is key. That’s why our selection of home office desks with shelves and computer desks with storage is guaranteed to help you keep your workspace clean and clear. Our desks with lots of storage let you store and organise your work documents efficiently, for a better work experience. Not only that, but our computer desks with shelves above provide you with space to decorate and make your contemporary desk a true expression of your personality. We even have computer desks with a bookshelf to display your dossiers or your work books.

Our products come in different styles and colours, to blend effortlessly with your existing furniture or spruce up your décor. A white desk with storage will make your work space instantly more peaceful, while an anthracite or black one will add more sobriety and into your room.

If you don’t have a lot of space at home, you’ll love our compact and small desks with storage and shelves that help you save a lot of floor room and maximise your space. We also have large ones for your spacious home office or study room.

Take a look at our wide range of desks with storage and shelves and find the best one for you! Free delivery from £50 orders!

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