Zen Shelf

£70.99 £53.46

Brunch Bookshelf

£87.99 from £68.33

Wave Corner Shelf

£124.99 £95.59

Ola Shelf

£69.99 £53.20

Lingo Shelf

£89.99 £69.50

Moon Shelf

£116.99 £89.44

Saby Shelf

£67.99 £48.29

Cube Shelf

£55.99 £46.24

Beats Shelf

£153.99 £108.02

Cutlery Shelf

£76.99 £58.74

Ozo Shelf

£101.99 from £73.07

Lab Shelf

£98.99 £76.85

Miss Shelf

£80.99 £62.24

Raquel Shelf

£85.99 £66.29

No.4 Wall Shelf

£152.99 £109.00

U Design Shelf

£87.99 £67.91

Party Corner Shelf

£91.99 £71.31

May Shelf

£140.99 £109.33

Zero Shelf

£103.99 £73.92

Parex Shelf

£106.99 from £76.66

Mery Shelf

£95.99 £68.79


£99.00 from £87.50

No.1 Shelf

£128.99 £91.87

Mix Shelf

£60.99 £50.39

Sold Out
Man Shaped Shelf

£109.99 £78.41

Fab Shelf

£83.99 £64.90

Space Shelf Orange

£149.99 £107.26

Salsa Shelf

£82.99 £63.79

Love Bookshelf

£144.99 £112.44

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The best collection of geometric wall shelves

A geometric wall shelf, with its unusual shape, turns your standard shelves into true wall art, perfect for your home decor. And with our collection of unusual asymmetrical shelves, you’ll be sure to find the right one for you.

If you’re looking for a farmhouse style in your kitchen, a geometric wood wall shelf is a perfect way to add some cosiness to your cooking space, letting organise your pots and pans or storing your cooking books. If you’re looking for a more industrial look, for your living room for instance, a geometric metal wall shelf will give it a trendy mix of metal and wood that will make for a bold design choice. In your bedroom, asymmetrical floating shelves can provide an exciting look to a usually calm room. You can even set some geometric wire shelves in your hallway or corridor to make an immediate aesthetic statement, impressing your guests as soon as they arrive.

All our products offer generous space, to store your favourite books, your personal knickknacks, or anything you want to display, keeping your home tidy. The designs of our asymmetrical shelves make organising your living areas fun. You’ll love arranging your art or photos in new and different ways.

Because matching your existing décor and making your home’s interior designs feel harmonious is important, your geometric wall shelf comes in different colours. White geometric shelves will bring peace and zen to your room, while a black geometric shelf can bring some sobriety, for your home office for instance.

Check out our collection made in UK and take advantage of our fast and secure delivery!

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