MARI - TV Stand

£312.00 £207.00

The industrial TV stand, perfect mix of old and new

Sharing qualities with modern and minimalist TV stands, it’s a unique style that immediately gives a lot of character to any room.

While trendy, the industrial TV stand has a foot in the past, taking inspiration from old factories of the previous century to create a harmonious blend of sleek modernity and vintage charm. Remaining very modern, it feels lived in and timeworn, adding to its vintage vibe.

Industrial TV stands are distinctive for their elegant blend of wood and metal. It combines beautifully crafted wood like oak and mango with hard metals. As such, the warm tones of the wood and the coolness of the metal offer an incredible contrast. They also play with a neutral palette of grey, black, white and dark colours, for a gorgeous natural feel.

Using squared lines and blocky shapes, the industrial TV unit helps you express your edginess and masculine style, while still offering a warm and inviting atmosphere. If it remains simple, it creates a bold and layered statement that will surely impress your visitors.

The industrial TV stand is not just about style, it’s also about functionality. They offer plenty of storage space to store your various media devices and accessories without cluttering your sleek surface. You can also use the overhang to decorate with metal sculptures, abstract art or vintage photographs. It is an ideal piece of modern furniture to compliment the other pieces in your spacious contemporary living room or home office, as it still feels comfortable without being aggressive. It will look great surrounded by vibrant art, providing a stylish contrast.

All our industrial TV units come in different colours that will give boldness and style to your living room or your home office. We also guarantee you fast and express delivery, thanks to our UK based distribution centre.

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