Only N.4 Bookcase

£348.99 £319.00

Carry Bookcase

£194.99 £167.93

Maze Bookcase

£166.99 from £132.45

Moon Bookcase

£208.99 from £176.58

Hannah Bookcase

£236.99 from £175.00

Hoppa Bookcase

£163.99 £124.22

Loco Bookcase

£236.99 £209.00

Only N.2 Bookcase

£222.99 £209.00

Toro Bookcase

£166.99 £122.83

Cube Divider Bookcase

£208.99 £174.28

Bueno Bookcase

£264.99 £239.00

Only N.1 Bookcase

£138.99 £124.22

Concept Bookcase

£236.99 £209.00

Penta Bookshelf

£208.99 £181.67

Frap Bookcase

£149.99 £104.81

Lucky Corner Bookcase

£159.99 £129.86

Flox Bookcase

£166.99 £139.22

MERCURY Bookcase

£224.00 £163.80

Gala Bookcase

£208.99 £169.74

Stairway Bookcase

£292.99 £269.00

PIRI Bookcase

£179.00 £121.80

ONIQ Bookcase

£167.93 £161.72

Multy Bookcase

£180.99 £154.68

Valz Bookcase

£194.99 £166.57

Lowry Bookcase

£642.99 £599.00


£194.00 £141.00

The oak bookshelf, perfectly classic and versatile

When furnishing your home, it can be difficult to know which style will go best with your taste. With the oak bookshelf, you can never go wrong. Its classic and beautiful design will always feel at home, in your home. In your living room, its natural colourway feels warm and cosy, offering your guests a welcoming atmosphere. In your home office, it will add a scholarly vibe, perfect to stay focused and get your work done.

As a timeless style of furniture, it can ideally fit in any room, not just your living room or bedroom. A dark oak bookcase will be perfect to store or display your crockery in your kitchen, while a light one in your entryway will welcome your shoes and keys. And in your children’s bedroom, oak book shelves are the perfect place for drawers or baskets to keep all their toys neatly stored.

Very versatile, the oak bookcase blends easily with most modern designs, complimenting your décor without taking over it. The lacquered finish gives your oak furniture bookcase a beautiful appearance. It’s a simple yet extremely stylish and timeless design that will remain relevant for many years. And if you want a bit more colour, you can choose a white variation or a grey oak variation to blend with your minimalist décor, or go for a metal oak bookcase, for your industrial living room.

Functional, they offer smart and neat organisation. Our products offer a wealth of space to store your favourite books, media or other prized possessions. They’re also a great way to hide and manage your cables if you have a stereo or a printer.

Made from sturdy wood, our oak bookcases can support a lot of weight, letting you store a lot of books or personal items, guaranteed to last you many years.

Browse our selection for sales now and find the perfect oak bookcase you’ve been looking for, at the best price. Once you’ve found your ideal furniture, get it quickly to your home thanks to our fast UK shipping!

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