Maze Bookcase

£166.99 from £132.45

Moon Bookcase

£208.99 from £176.58

Part Bookcase

£208.99 £180.60

Hoppa Bookcase

£163.99 £124.22

Only N.2 Bookcase

£222.99 £209.00

Toro Bookcase

£166.99 £122.83

Cube Divider Bookcase

£208.99 £174.28

Only N.1 Bookcase

£138.99 £124.22

Concept Bookcase

£236.99 £209.00

Penta Bookshelf

£208.99 £181.67

Frap Bookcase

£149.99 £104.81

Lucky Corner Bookcase

£159.99 £129.86

Sold Out
Lay Bookcase Set

£250.99 £179.00

Gala Bookcase

£208.99 £169.74

Stairway Bookcase

£292.99 £269.00

PIRI Bookcase

£179.00 £121.80

ONIQ Bookcase

£167.93 £161.72

Multy Bookcase

£180.99 £154.68

Valz Bookcase

£194.99 £166.57

Set of 2 Toro Bookcase

£249.00 £217.82

Lowry Bookcase

£642.99 £599.00


£194.00 £141.00

Sold Out
CLARK Bookcase

£209.00 £151.20

Find the perfect stylish bookcase

The stylish bookcase is the ideal piece of furniture for your home, when you want to surround yourself with visually stunning ways to store and showcase your books. It’s the best way to dress a dull wall or embellish an established home décor.

Our collection of stylish bookcases come in many shapes and designs, to make sure you can find the right one that will spruce up your living room, home office or bedroom’s theme while complementing your design choices. A stylish white bookcase will ideally go along with a minimalist décor for a simple and sleek ambiance, while a stylish wooden one will add even more warmth to a more rustic theme. If you’re looking for an impressive and unmissable stylish bookcase, we have a selection of unique products whose geometric shapes will turn it into a true centrepiece.

Not only stylish, our bookcases are also space savers, giving plenty of room to store and display your personal belongings. Take advantage of the many shelves and cabinets to organise all the things you’ve accumulated and keep a tidy and uncluttered look.

Made in Uk, our products are not limited to storing your collection of books and other media. They’re also the perfect to decorate and bring even more life out in your living areas. Add photos, place and arrange some treasured trinkets, or select a few potted plants.

Take a look at our selection of stylish bookcases and get inspired. Thanks to our various choices of colours, you’re guaranteed to find the right model for your home. Once you’ve found it, you can count on our fast and secure delivery to get it right to your door.

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