Aurora Tv Stand

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Rosi - Tv Unit

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Abigail Tv Stand

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A 65-inch TV unit for an amazing viewing experience

If you enjoy hosting movie nights and want the ideal TV stand for your 65-inch and 70-inch TV, a modern and unique 65-inch TV unit will be your perfect partner.

Sturdy and sleek, our 65-inch TV stands make for a comfortable home for your large flat-screen TV. They seamlessly fit in your modern living room, making the most of your space while remaining aesthetically impressive, especially in large rooms. And if you have a big TV but a small home office or bedroom, you can go for a 65-inch corner TV stand. Its compactness allows you to maximise your space without sacrificing your comfort or viewing experience. Just like our regular TV units, our corner TV stands are perfect for 65-inch TVs and up.

Spacious, all our 65-inch TV stands offer generous storage space. From open shelves to closed compartments and drawers, you’ll find all the space you need to store your media devices and your accessories. Our ingenious cut-outs allow you to hide all those pesky cables and wire and keep a tidy and uncluttered look. If you get a TV unit for your 65-inch TV, you’ll even have space around your television to decorate and showcase your favourite items.

To ideally match your style and the décor of your living areas, our 65-inch TV stands come in different colours, each finding their way to embellish the look of the rest of your furniture and make for a cohesive and stylish home design.

Browse through our unique collection of modern 65-inch TV units and take advantage of our fast and secure UK shipping.

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