Pointy Pouffe

£141.00 £74.10

Flamingo Pouffe

£164.00 £93.00

Dots Fish Pouffe

£164.00 £93.00

Dots Waves Pouffe

£164.00 £93.00

Point Pouffe

£179.00 £93.00

Dots Pouffe

£179.00 £93.00

Dore Pouffe

£138.99 £118.97

Oslo Pouff

£152.99 £140.13

Vano Pouffe

£166.99 £140.68

Kate Pouffe

£180.99 £142.53

Contemporary Pouffes Stools for a versatile use

Contemporary pouffes stools prove that there is no such thing as too much comfort at home. Sturdy, soft and practical, they offer as much physical comfort as stylish comfort. With our collection of unique and unusual pouffes, you’ll never want to stay away from them for too long.

Available in different trendy designs and colours, they instantly bring modern and creative designs, transforming even the most boring room into a stylish space. Round, square, our pouffes are sure to delight you with their elegant shapes.

If our funky hassocks are ideal in every room, it’s in your living that they really shine. Whether you have an extra guest coming over or need a surface to set your dinner, your drinks or extra items, they are lifesavers. In your bedroom, they’re very helpful to set some clothes or to get to some hard-to-reach high places. In your kid’s room, a pouffe stool will become a true seat, bringing comfort to draw and write at their table.

Our ottoman pouffes not only welcome your extra guests, they’re also the best way to welcome your feet and put them up. Our selection of foot pouffes brings that extra comfort after a long day and can easily be stored away to clear your room.

With our range of contemporary hassocks, you’ll never have to worry about sturdiness or longevity. Made from solid wood, they’re guaranteed to stay with you for a long time.

Check out our collection of modern pouffes now and once you’ve chosen the right ones, you can put your feet up and relax.

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