Cream Metal Coat Rack

£141.98 £118.32

Sold Out
Copper Clothes Rail

£226.80 £202.40

Sold Out
HEXA Coat Rack

£134.00 £51.70

Sold Out
Brunch Metal Coat Rack

£138.00 £74.10

Sold Out
Pipe Coat Rack

£201.00 £139.20

Sold Out
Sold Out
EMMA Hall Set

£349.00 £246.40

TONE Shoe Rack

£194.99 £99.36

LOTI Hall Stand

£349.00 £321.64

LOWRY Hall Stand

£649.00 £616.90

Molly Hall Stand

£320.99 £249.00

Chester Hall Stand

£250.99 £239.00

Sui Hallway Set

£250.99 £219.00

Westy Hallway Set

£250.99 £239.00

Tone Hallway Set

£194.99 £157.43

Featured Hall Stand

£304.99 £269.00

Focus Coat Rack

£119.99 £85.60

Home Coat Rack

£119.99 £85.60

Balloon Coat Rack

£119.99 £85.60

Globe Coat Rack

£119.99 £85.60

Dore Coat Rack

£119.99 £85.60

Cute Coat Rack

£119.99 £85.60

Owl Coat Rack

£119.99 £85.60

Terraced Coat Rack

£106.99 £76.39

Arrow Coat Rack

£129.99 £93.02

Tetris Coat Rack

£117.99 £89.63

Cerv Coat Rack

£108.99 £82.34

Home Featured Stand

£306.99 £299.00

Simply Coat Rack

£81.99 £62.60

Funart Hanger No.20

£58.99 £41.88

Funart Hanger No.4

£58.99 £41.88

Funart Hanger No.3

£58.99 £41.88

Contemporary Coat Hooks and Hallway Sets for your home

Often overlooked and underrated, coat hooks and racks are one of the most essential pieces of furniture in a modern home. Looking at our collection of contemporary coat racks, you can make sure you’ll find the right stand or hooks to leave your jacket and your worries at the door.

A funky coat stand or hallway set is also the best way to keep your home clean, as you don’t bring your wet layers inside it. You can also use it to hang your hats or bags.

Whether freestanding or wall-mounted, our coat stands offer plenty of advantages. No matter the size of your entrance or hall, they take minimal space. Our coat hooks with a shelf and standing coat stand especially free up useful space if you have a small home. With our unusual hallway sets, you can even take advantage of our shoe storage racks.

If you’re looking for racks to store your items in other parts of your home, we’ve got you covered. Take comfort in our clothes rail to organise and display your suits or shirts, and take advantage of our small coat racks to hang your towels, trinkets or accessories.

As we want your home to look as stylish and trendy as possible, our modern coat stands are available in different designs, such as minimalist, rustic or industrial, embellishing the look of your foyer and instantly making it more welcoming.

Start customising your hall entrance and go through our collection of unique coat racks. We guarantee you’ll find the perfect one for your home, at the best price!

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