Modern Desks – Unique & Quirky Home Office Desks

Maze Desk

£222.99 £209.00

Gravity Desk

£306.99 £269.00

Storex Desk

£222.99 £190.97

Papa Desk

£222.99 £185.17

Compact Wall Desk

£180.99 £151.79

Shelfy Desk

£222.99 £185.20

Sold Out
CARLOS - Walnut Desk

£359.00 £202.40

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Sold Out
Sold Out
OGG Desk

£310.80 £256.00

OGG Desk With Shelf

£274.80 £246.40

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Sold Out
MOZART Home Office Desk

£279.00 £184.00

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OGG 3 Drawer Desk

£346.80 £304.00

Mccoll Desk

£329.00 £306.24

Juno Desk


A good and comfortable modern desk is paramount to let you work efficiently, but it’s also much more than the space where you answer calls or emails. A contemporary work desk is a piece of furniture that can and deserves to be unique and stylish.

To help you modernize your work space, we provide you with the best selection of unique home office desks in the UK that will fit right in your study room, living room or bedroom.

We have a beautiful range of styles and looks, tailored to your needs, from funky and quirky writing tables and modern computer desks to L-shaped and tiered desks. Minimalist desks, industrial style desks, Scandinavian computer desks, solid wood, we’ve got everything you should look for in a unique desk unit.

Whether you live in a small apartment or a lofty house, our modern bureau desks will ideally fit your space, no matter the room. Check out our compact modern desks with drawers or fold away desk for your living room. We also have unusual bedroom desks for your kids or for your own, if you want an intimate space. For your spacious home office, we offer large modern writing desks with shelves and corner desks.

To make sure our contemporary home office desks will embellish and add to your décor, they come in various beautiful colours, such as Sonoma Oak, Antique Grey, Light Mocha or even Turquoise.

Reorganize your work space and find with Modern Furniture Deals the modern desk that matches your tastes and your lifestyle best, at the best price!

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