Gravity Desk

£306.99 £269.00

Maze Desk

£222.99 £209.00

Papa Desk

£222.99 £185.17

Storex Desk

£222.99 £190.97

Shelfy Desk

£222.99 £185.20

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OGG 3 Drawer Desk

£346.80 £304.00

OGG Desk With Shelf

£274.80 £246.40

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OGG Desk

£310.80 £256.00

The best contemporary wide desks, offering a wealth of space

If you’re the type of person who needs a lot of space when working or studying, a big and large home office desk is essential! For stocking documents, tools or just a need to spread, space is crucial. Our collection of wide desks will answer all your needs.

If you have a sprawling computer set up, with various screens and devices, our long and large computer desks are perfect. Very practical, you can easily manage and hide all your cables for a clean and uncluttered experience.

With our 140 cm (55 inches) desks, you have access to a lot of space to use as you please. Our long desks with drawers and storage will let you organise and store your most important documents or stationery. You can also use that extra space to decorate it with family photos or travel souvenirs for a bureau that looks like you.

Our collection comes in various colours to match with your existing décor or add to it. For instance, a large white version will harmonise your home office, bringing some clean neutrality that can help you focus more. You have access to a great palette of colours to truly design your own work and study space.

Browse our collection and start shopping now. You’ll find the best deals, with secure delivery everywhere in the UK, free with orders over £50!

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