Only N.4 Bookcase

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Maze Bookcase

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Loco Bookcase

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Lay Bookcase Set

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Rock Cabinet /Bookcase

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Stairway Bookcase

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The wide bookcase, the perfect storage companion for every room

Bookcases are essential in any modern home. Stylish, functional and organised, it’s a must-have in your home. If you want to show off your collection of books, vinyls, Blu-rays, a large bookcase is the perfect partner.

To suit your every needs and tastes, our extra large bookcases come in different styles and designs. Add character to your living room with a large oak bookcase or create contrast with a wide industrial bookshelf. We also offer different colours to make sure you can always find the right palette and accent. For instance, our large white bookcase will fit seamlessly with a minimalist living room, and our large wooden bookcases will ideally compliment a rustic home office. Whatever the style or the colour, their modern look allows them to blend effortlessly with your home décor, always embellishing your other furniture.

All our large bookcases offer a huge amount of space and shelves to organise your books, display your travel or family photos, show off your awards, and decorate with some plants.

As they can fit in any room, they are more than just a big bookcase. In your dining room, a wide oak bookcase will be the perfect place to showcase your bar essential and glassware. In your living room, a wide white bookcase will make a perfect room divider, to create an intimate reading space or workspace.

All our bookcases are durable and solid, made from quality materials and easy to assemble, so you can enjoy them for many years, welcoming every new book or personal item.

Check out our unique range of extra wide bookcases and find the right large bookshelf that matches your style. We offer fast and secure delivery everywhere in the UK!

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