Temple Wall Shelf

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Brunch Bookshelf

£87.99 from £68.33

Beats Shelf

£153.99 £108.02

Conta Shelf

£101.99 £76.96

Ozo Shelf

£101.99 from £73.07

Miss Shelf

£80.99 £62.24

Raquel Shelf

£85.99 £66.29

No.4 Wall Shelf

£152.99 £109.00

Bat Shelf

£141.99 £109.85

Relay Shelf

£132.99 from £94.68

Zero Shelf

£103.99 £73.92

Mery Shelf

£95.99 £68.79

No.1 Shelf

£128.99 £91.87


£99.00 from £87.50

Fab Shelf

£83.99 £64.90

Love Bookshelf

£144.99 £112.44

Space Shelf Orange

£149.99 £107.26

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Van Shelf

£81.99 £69.65

Bouncy Shelf

£56.99 £55.44

Great selection of wide floating shelves

A wide wall shelf is the ideal companion to any room with large walls. Extra long floating shelves offer a ton of space to organise and store all your personal belongings, from your CD collections, to your work documents. There’s nothing a 100 cm (39.3 inches) floating shelf or an extra-long shelf can’t hold.

We provide unique long floating shelves for all the spaces in your house. In your living room, it is a great way to dress up a wall and show off your knickknacks and favourite trinkets, especially with a long display shelf. Long corner shelves are ideal in your bedroom to free up some room floor and store your bed sheets or your to-read books. A 120 cm (47.2 inches) floating one can be very practical in your children’s room, letting you store their toys and games and keeping their space uncluttered. And if you have a long corridor or hallway, a 150 cm (59 inches) floating shelf is perfect to make sure all your going-out essentials are there.

To guarantee a harmonious addition to your home décor, your long shelf comes in different colours and styles. A long wooden variation will add a pastoral vibe to your living room, making it feel cosier. Long white floating ones will bring more minimalism and peace in your home office, helping you be more focused.

Choose the perfect modern long wall shelf among our many exclusive products and take advantage of our safe and secure delivery!

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