Hannah Bookcase

£236.99 from £175.00

Hoppa Bookcase

£163.99 £124.22

Naty Corner Bookcase

£166.99 £128.73

Only N.2 Bookcase

£222.99 £209.00

Toro Bookcase

£166.99 £122.83

Cube Divider Bookcase

£208.99 £174.28

Compact Bookcase

£208.99 £158.70

Bueno Bookcase

£264.99 £239.00

Only N.1 Bookcase

£138.99 £124.22

Penta Bookshelf

£208.99 £181.67

Frap Bookcase

£149.99 £104.81

Lucky Corner Bookcase

£159.99 £129.86

PIRI Bookcase

£179.00 £121.80

ONIQ Bookcase

£167.93 £161.72

Multy Bookcase

£180.99 £154.68

Valz Bookcase

£194.99 £166.57


£194.00 £141.00

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CLARK Bookcase

£209.00 £151.20

Get a small narrow bookcase and maximise your space

With limited space in your home, it can be difficult to figure out how to organise and store your library of books, music or movies. Fortunately, we have a great selection of narrow bookcases to help you declutter your home and keep it neat and tidy.

Our collection of narrow bookcases is both functional and stylish, fitting in every tight space in your home while adding a new and modern style to your décor. With various designs and colours, you’re sure to find the perfect style that will make your living areas even more beautiful. For instance, a narrow wood bookcase will seamlessly blend in your farmhouse-style home office, adding warm accents. Or showcase your most prized books and travel trinkets with a narrow white bookshelf that will add peaceful tones to your living room.

Even if you have the tightest unused space, our extra narrow bookcase (20 cm, 8 inches) will perfectly fill that space and breathe new life in your room.

All our narrow bookcases offer generous space, with deep shelves to store your personal items and a sleek surface to decorate with photos or unique art. Made with quality material, they can hold a lot of weight and will last you a long time.

Once you’ve found the perfect narrow bookcase for your home, start organising your books, our fast and secure delivery will quickly get it to your door, thanks to our UK-based distribution centre.

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