Zen Shelf

£70.99 £53.46

Temple Wall Shelf

£100.99 from £75.63

Brunch Bookshelf

£87.99 from £68.33

Paradox Shelf

£98.99 £76.98

Ola Shelf

£69.99 £53.20

Lingo Shelf

£89.99 £69.50

Saby Shelf

£67.99 £48.29

Cube Shelf

£55.99 £46.24

Conta Shelf

£101.99 £76.96

Lab Shelf

£98.99 £76.85

Raquel Shelf

£85.99 £66.29

Compact Corner Shelf

£100.99 £75.96

Party Corner Shelf

£91.99 £71.31

May Shelf

£140.99 £109.33

Bat Shelf

£141.99 £109.85

Drop Wall Shelf

£79.00 £76.25

Simple Shelf

£54.99 from £39.00

Parex Shelf

£106.99 from £76.66

Corte Kitchen Shelf

£159.99 £114.00


£99.00 from £87.50

Mix Shelf

£60.99 £50.39

Bunny Shelf

£125.99 from £90.09

Sold Out
Ares Corner Shelf

£250.99 £209.00

SU Wall Shelf

£141.00 from £52.65

Salsa Shelf

£82.99 £63.79

Love Bookshelf

£144.99 £112.44

Dixy Wall Shelf

£72.99 £55.76

Zone Wall Shelf

£138.00 £70.20

Sold Out
One Door Kitchen Rack

£159.99 £114.00

Sold Out

The best oak wall shelves for your home

You can never go wrong with oak effect shelves. Modern Oak style wood shelves feel timeless, no matter your home décor. It’s a perfect fit for every room, with its unique and natural look.

Our oak kitchen shelves are ideal to store your spices or condiments, giving more room to cook. Oak effect floating shelves will effortlessly match with your living room furniture, adding rustic tones and vibes. Our solid oak-finish shelves will elegantly dress your walls and let you store your favourite trinkets and travel items. In your bedroom, chunky oak style shelves will bring warmth and comfort for a peaceful atmosphere. They are perfect to story your book collection and keep them readily accessible.

If you’re dealing with limited space, our oak effect shelves come in different sizes to always make your life easier. Our oak style corner shelf will help you save floor space and make the most of it. An oak corner shelf unit will also provide some great storage space, keeping your room uncluttered. Whether you’re looking for a small variation or a long one, we’ve got you covered. Storage space is very important to us, that’s why all our solid oak effect wood shelves offer generous space.

Made from quality materials, our products are sturdy and can safely hold a lot of weight, offering good support to your belongings.

If you love the natural colour of oak, our contemporary oak display shelves will answer your needs. Have a look at our selection and start furnishing your home. With our safe and fast delivery, you’ll receive your oak shelves in no time.

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