Only N.4 Bookcase

£348.99 £319.00

Carry Bookcase

£194.99 £167.93

Maze Bookcase

£166.99 from £132.45

Moon Bookcase

£208.99 from £176.58

Hannah Bookcase

£236.99 from £175.00

Part Bookcase

£208.99 £180.60

Hoppa Bookcase

£163.99 £124.22

Loco Bookcase

£236.99 £209.00

Naty Corner Bookcase

£166.99 from £128.73

Only N.2 Bookcase

£222.99 £209.00

Toro Bookcase

£166.99 £122.83

Cube Divider Bookcase

£208.99 £174.28

Compact Bookcase

£208.99 £158.70

Bueno Bookcase

£264.99 £239.00

Only N.1 Bookcase

£138.99 £124.22

Concept Bookcase

£236.99 £209.00

Penta Bookshelf

£208.99 £181.67

Frap Bookcase

£149.99 £104.81

Lucky Corner Bookcase

£159.99 £129.86

Flox Bookcase

£166.99 £139.22

MERCURY Bookcase

£224.00 £163.80

Sold Out
Lay Bookcase Set

£250.99 £179.00

Gala Bookcase

£208.99 £169.74

Sold Out
Rock Cabinet /Bookcase

£612.99 £549.00

Stairway Bookcase

£292.99 £269.00

PIRI Bookcase

£179.00 £121.80

ONIQ Bookcase

£167.93 £161.72

Multy Bookcase

£180.99 £154.68

Sold Out
Valz Bookcase

£194.99 £166.57

Set of 2 Toro Bookcase

£249.00 £217.82

Lowry Bookcase

£642.99 £599.00


£194.00 £141.00

Sold Out
CLARK Bookcase

£209.00 £151.20

Keep your space organised and your clutter hidden with a bookshelf with storage

When it comes to furnishing your home, book storage furniture is essential. Not only is it the perfect piece of furniture to store and showcase your favourite books, display your photos or decorate to your taste, it’s also the best way to keep your living areas tidy, organised and clutter-free.

In our collection, you can find a wide array of modern storage bookcases, in unique designs that will perfectly fit your home décor. Our geometric and sleek bookcase storage units will add an artful stylish and contemporary funky look to your living room or home office. Our industrial storage bookcase storage units are uniquely designed to be a centre piece and make an impressive design statement in your home.

In case of limited space or for your kid’s room, our corner bookcase storage cabinets will help you maximise that space while still offering ample room to store your belongings or their favourite toys and games. And if you have a loft-style living room, our large bookcases with storage will beautifully furnish and transform that space, letting you set up a true library of your most prized books and media, which without a doubt will stun your visitors. They can even act as room dividers, to create smaller and more intimate spaces to read or relax.

To make sure you have the perfect storage bookcase for your home, you have access to various colours, from white, black, and grey, to oak and mocha and more unique colours. Browse our collection now and benefit from our fast delivery everywhere in the UK.

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