Finding the perfect TV stand for your home is crucial. Too small and your TV might fall, too big and it will look odd and unaesthetic. It has to be the perfect size for your TV and your room.

But don’t worry, we’ve made it clear and easy. We have prepared a simple UK TV size guide and chart to help you figure out the true size of your TV and find the perfect TV stand for your home.

Step 1: Find the Actual Width of your TV

So first, you need to find out the size of your TV. If you already know the width of your TV, that is great, please follow the next step. If you don’t, follow this TV size guide to see how it works.

TVs are measured diagonally. That means that only the size of the screen is measured and advertised, and not the frame around it. As such, your 140 cm (55-inch) TV does not actually have a 140 cm (55-inch) width. 

The true size of your TV is actually smaller than its screen size. To find the perfect TV cabinet, you need the actual width of your TV, not just the size of the screen.

To get the full width of your TV, you can use a measuring tape and measure from the right edge of the frame to the left. Alternatively, you can call and ask the manufacturer or get all the details online by searching the make and the model of your TV.

You can also use this helpful UK TV dimensions chart to determine your TV's dimensions:

UK TV dimensions chart

Size Width Height Area
32″ 27.9″ in
70.9 cm
15.7″ in
39.9 cm
437 in2
0.283 m2
37″ 32.2″ in
81.8 cm
18.1″ in
46 cm
585 in2
0.376 m2
42″ 36.6″ in
93 cm
20.6″ in
52.3 cm
754 in2
0.487 m2
46″ 40.1″ in
101.9 cm
22.5″ in
57.2 cm
904 in2
0.582 m2
50″ 43.6″ in
110.7 cm
24.5″ in
62.2 cm
1068 in2
0.689 m2
55″ 47.9″ in
121.7 cm
27″ in
68.6 cm
1293 in2
0.835 m2
60″ 52.3″ in
132.8 cm
29.4″ in
74.7 cm
1538 in2
0.992 m2
65″ 56.7″ in
136.4 cm
31.9″ in
81 cm
1805 in2
1.105 m2
70″ 61.1″ in
155.2 cm
34.4″ in
87.4 cm
2102 in2
1.356 m2
75″ 65.4″ in
166.1 cm
36.8″ in
93.5 cm
2407 in2
1.553 m2

As you can see, a 127 in cm (50-inch TV) actually has a width of 101.9 cm (43.6 inches). A 165 cm (dimensions of 65-inch) TV will have a width of 136.4 cm (56.7 inches). However, please note that the UK size of your TV will depend on the manufacturer.

Take note of the height and depth of your TV as well, as it will be important in finding out the right TV stand, especially when measuring for a corner TV stand.

Step 2: Find the right TV stand size

Once you have measured the actual size of your TV, it’s time to find the perfect TV stand, the one that will welcome your TV and fit perfectly in your living room, office or bedroom, adding to the theme and décor.

If TVs are measured diagonally, TV stands are measured horizontally. For the perfect support and the most comfortable viewing experience, we recommend getting a TV Stand that is at least a few inches wider than your TV. As a rule of thumb, about 7.5cm (3 inches) from the edge of your TV to the edge of the TV stand is ideal. This will help keep your TV safe, centered and visually balanced.

As mentioned, placing a TV bigger than the TV cabinet can pose a safety risk. However, placing a TV that is a lot smaller than its TV stand will provoke a sense of imbalance and will throw out the look and décor of your living room or bedroom.

If your TV stand is a bit wider than your TV, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the overhang allows you to decorate it, adding pictures frames or your favourite travel trinkets.

If you’re interested in a corner TV stand, you will also have to measure the space between the wall and the edges of your TV to prevent them from brushing the wall.

When looking for your TV cabinet dimensions, you can use those three main categories to help you:

  • Compact TV stand (from 81 cm / 32” to 140 cm / 55”): perfect if you have a small TV in your bedroom. Sturdy, with a sleek design and some storage space, it’s very easy to place without taking too much space.
  • Medium-sized TV stand, or TV credenza (140 cm / 55’’ to 178 cm / 70’’): ideal for your living room and big bedroom, they offer just the right amount of space and storage to suit most TVs.
  • Large TV stand (178 cm / 70’’ and up): for an all-around all-compassing entertainment centre in your living room or spacious office, they are a must-have, making it very easy to store all your devices and hide the wires and cords. As a large piece of furniture, it makes a statement, a showcase of your taste and style.

So for example, if you have a 140 cm (55-inch) TV screen-wise, a TV stand with a 145 cm (57-inch) to 165 cm (65-inch) size will fit perfectly, with a little bit of breathing room. You can even go bigger with a 203 cm (80-inch) TV stand if you want to decorate your unit.

If you have a smaller television and tight spaces, a good compact 101.5 cm (40-inch) TV stand size will be perfect for a 109 cm (43-inch) TV.


Step 3: Find the right TV stand height

Before choosing your cabinet, you also need to take into account your TV stand height. The height of your TV stand is essential to have the best viewing experience (and the least amount of back and neck pain).

As a general rule, you want the centre of your TV to be at eye level or a little bit below. To figure out the ideal height, sit in your favourite chair or sofa, measure the distance from the floor to your eye-level and subtract half of the TV’s height. Within one or two inches of that height is the ideal TV stand height.

the right TV stand height

Finally, you have to think about the placement of your TV stand and the viewing distance. We recommend a viewing distance of at least 1.5 times your screen size. So if you have a 140 cm (55-inch) TV, we recommend a distance of at least 210 cm (82 inches).

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